FINNMAP attending the GEOINFO 2014 in Gävle, Sweden


This year’s GEOINFO 2014 (1./2. October 2014) in Gävle focuses on the sustainability of our society. As we always aim for a long-lasting impact with our projects, FINNMAP is looking forward to participate discussions in the following topics of the conference:

  • Free & open geodata:
    listen to the experiences of the release of geodata in a couple of our Nordic neighbors and the Land Survey and hear how municipalities think about open geodata
  • Spreading the benefits of GIS:
    where is this technology already in use and how can we reach new industries and users
  • Geodata & services:
    particularly with a focus on spatial data in municipalities
  • 3D:
    with a focus on visualization for community benefit and effective new technology that UAS (unmanned airborne system)
  • GIS for a sustainable society:
    with good examples of how GIS contributes to social benefit, in a sustainable way
About GEOINFO 2014:

Organizer: Trade Association ULI Geoforum
Time: 1.-2. October 2014
Place: Gasklockorna in Gävle, Sweden