Our top 5 booths to visit at Intergeo 2014

Are you excited about the upcoming Intergeo in Berlin? So are we!


Being the top conference for the geospatial sector the amount of exhibitors and booths is overwhelming. Preparing ourselves we went through the list of exhibitors and tried to identify the top 5 booths to visit this year.

Feel like we missed something? Let us know in the comments below!


Booth #1: Hexagon

Ahead of Intergeo, Leica Geosystems already made the news with the introduction of their new ALS80. The increased pulse rate of up to 1.0MHz in combination with the increased number of pulses in the air will certainly allow for an incredible increase in efficiency when collecting airborne data. From a usability point of view though it is even more exciting that finally the fixed cable between the Laser Controller and the sensor head is gone! This will make it so much easier to install/uninstall the system into different aircraft.

At Intergeo, we will also be able to see the release of CloudPro – a big step forward in processing efficiency of the raw point clouds. Using multi-threading, CloudPro will help to increase processing power. At the same time the command line functionality will open up possibilities on creating own scripts and tools further improving our production line at FINNMAP.

Booth #2: Pix4D

One company who certainly made several appearances in the past months is Pix4D. The announcement of several partnerships where their software is used for processing orthorectified imagery and/or surface models certainly indicates that their tools are highly flexible. While FINNMAP is currently not operating UAVs we are certainly interested in observing and evaluating the potential of this trending technology.

Booth #3: Exelis

With rising interest in geospatial information it is no longer enough to only collect geospatial data. Value adding is required to extract additional information from the imagery and point clouds we collect. Several software packages are trying to satisfy the need for these additional analysis, one of them being Exelis’ ENVI product. With the new release of ENVI-5 we are highly interested in seeing what new features this update will bring.

Booth #4: IGI

Already on Monday, IGI will host a user meeting in Berlin, presenting the updated version of the CCNS-5 and other improvements to their range of laser scanner sensors. Our Litemapper sensor has proven to be highly efficient and flexible for various kind of applications. We are therefore very keen to see what has changed since last year’s Intergeo.

Booth #5: Terrasolid

While value-adding is certainly a hot topic right now, one can not ignore the market leader for LiDAR processing. We heavily use Terrasolid‘s software package in our own production line and have experienced ourselves the improvements made to their tools in the past years. We are curious to see what is coming next and how future changes can further help our processing staff.

This year, Terrasolid will be accompanied in their booth by more geospatial experts from Finland (PIEneering/SeaHow/Centre of Excellence in Laser Scanning). With FINNMAP being headquartered in Helsinki, we will certainly feel at home visiting this part of Intergeo.


These are our top 5 booths to visit during this year’s Intergeo. There are mainly related to our own line of products and services. We are curious to hear your feedback in the comments below… Did we miss something? Don’t agree with us? Let us know…