Workshop on Open-source Geospatial Solutions in Land and Forest Mapping and Management in Tanzania

FINNMAP participated in a workshop on open-source geospatial solutions in land and forest mapping and management in Dar es Salaam on 24th of February.

This workshop was organized at BUNI community center by the Embassy of Finland in Dar es Salaam, supported by TANZICT. The workshop participants included experts from the key government sectors of Tanzania, universities and GIS companies in Tanzania and in Finland. The workshop established connections and collaboration opportunities between geospatial service providers and customers coming from the government, private sectors and academia.

Public access to open geospatial information and solutions is a promising field of development in Tanzania. Wider access to geospatial information and development of sophisticated ICT/GIS services is necessity for strategically sound and efficiently implemented land and natural resources management. Over the years, Finnish-Tanzanian collaboration has created several solutions in this field where FINNMAP has been a strong partner. However, there is a further need to develop mapping tools, GIS solutions and provide capacity development on the fields of land use planning and urban development.