Production of Base Maps are Necessity for a Successful Land Administration System in Uganda

FINNMAP is working with the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development of Uganda on a World Bank funded project. The task of updating and digitalising the national maps started in November 2015 and will continue for few year. The total area to be mapped is 230 000 km2, where urban areas will be covered with greater detail of GSD 15cm. A functional Base Map is a key enabling element for national planning, coordination and economic development and Uganda is one of the first African nations to tackle this burden.

The task of FINNMAP includes digital aerial flight operation with ground control mission, AT (Aerial Triangulation), production of Orthophotos and DEM (Digital Elevation Model) as well as capacity development component.

FINNMAP established flying base and production facility in Entebbe, Uganda in 2015. The office and the operations are managed by Lasse Andersson under the supervision of Technical Director Kari Suominen. Ari Jääskeläinen is in charge of the image processing and flight operations.

Ari Jaaskelainen                                                  Lasse Andersson

FINNMAP will now start the capacity development component, where the national staff of the Land and Survey Department of Uganda will be trained in Entebbe. It is not the technical solution but learning the process, which is important for the national development. The Training Expert Teemu Mielonen has developed national capacity of survey and mapping departments and authorities on three continents and will be in charge of the training component.

Teemu Mielonen                                                 OH-FMI