Felix Rohrbach

An Introduction to LiDAR

LiDAR is a survey technology which allows to measure points in the 3-dimensional space. Thanks to its flexibility in application it has gained a large popularity and is today used in a range of fields. At FINNMAP we use LiDAR… Continue reading

FINNMAP implementing the country safeguard systems in the land sector in Asia

ADB, MANILA, PHILIPPINES: Earlier this month the Asian Development Bank (ADB) conveyed the Second Regional Workshop on Strengthening Country Safeguard Systems (CSS) at the ADB Headquarters in Manila, Philippines. Amongst the invited key partners from governments and private sector across whole Asia as a resource person was also Mr. Jouni Anttonen, FINNMAP´s  former Project Manager and Chief Technical Advisor of the successful long-term Cambodian land administration programme (1997-2013). Continue reading

Paikkatietomarkkinat 2014

Kutsumme sinut Paikkatietomarkkinoille 2014

Paikkatietomarkkinat on alansa suurin yksittäinen tapahtuma, joka kerää vuosittain yhteen suomalaiset paikkatietoalan yksityisen ja julkisen puolen toimijat. Tänä vuonna Paikkatietomarkkinoiden teemana on “Huippututkimuksesta vientivaltiksi”.

Tapahtuma järjestetään Helsingin Messukeskuksessa tiistaina 4.11 klo 9 -17 ja keskiviikkona 5.11… Continue reading

Invitation to the Finnish GIS Expo

FINNMAP cordially invites you to the Finnish GIS Expo 2014.

As the biggest Finnish conference in the geospatial sector Paikkatietomarkkinat brings together professionals to discuss about research and business: What is the role of research in the field of geospatial… Continue reading

Our top 5 booths to visit at Intergeo 2014

Are you excited about the upcoming Intergeo in Berlin? So are we!

Being the top conference for the geospatial sector the amount of exhibitors and booths is overwhelming. Preparing ourselves we went through the list of exhibitors and tried to identify the top 5 booths to visit this year.

Continue reading