Digital Mapping and GIS Development for Regional Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Beni Buef Governorate

Regional Water Supply and Sanitation Project (RWSSP), Beni Suef, Egypt
Department for International Development Cooperation, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (FINNIDA)

Production of 1:1000 scale digital maps for 7 cities in Beni Suef Governorate including:

  • Establishment of ground control net by GPS-survey
  • Aerial photography at scale 1:5 000
  • Aerial triangulation and computations
  • Digital stereoscopic map compilation
  • Field verification and names collection
  • Editing and final 1:1000 map sheet compilation
  • Delivery as digital files and plotted maps
  • Establishment of GIS systems by using 1:1000 digital maps as base

Digital maps 1:1000 were produced for 7 cities (Markaz Capitals of Beni Suef Governorate) to be used primarily by RWSSP as basic maps for rehabilitation design of water distribution and sanitation systems in Beni Suef Governorate. Digital Mapping was carried out by FINNMAP in cooperation with the Egyptian Survey Authority (ESA) and the Egyptian Air Force. It included all work phases of digital mapping from aerial photography to production of digital map files. Aerial photography, being a sensitive issue in Egypt, was subcontracted to the Egyptian Air Force. Ground control network was established by using GPS technique. Analytical plotters were used for digital mapping. Field verification and names collection was carried out in all 7 cities.

Presently FINNMAP is establishing GIS databases for RWSSP by using above 1:1000 digital city maps as base material. The primary use of GIS databases will be the establishment of utility information and consumer registers for Beni Suef cities.

During the digital mapping of Beni Suef Cities FINNMAP has gained a lot of experience about survey and mapping work in densely built Egyptian cities. Our surveyors have also learned how to deal with ordinary citizens and land owners, who normally have certain reservations on persons undertaking survey work in their neighbourhood.

Our digital mapping 1:1000 covers also the city of Ihnasya el-Madina, its classical name being Heracleopolis Magna, dating back to 12th Dynasty. As the ground control data, aerial photographs and digital maps are already available, our intention is to propose to use above material as immediate test material in early stages of establishing the EAIS.