Topographic Mapping of Vientiane Plain in Lao PDR

National Geographic Department, Vientiane, Lao PDR
Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

The purpose of the Project was to enhance the capabilities of NGD by institutional development through the large scale mapping of Government’s first priority area, the Vientiane Plain, thus enhancing the development of the area by providing maps and data for planning of land use, irrigation, infrastructure etc. The Project was implemented at the same time as the Japanese project for Mekong GIS aiming to mutual benefits in the implementation.

The project included:

Institutional development to improve the National Geographic DepartmentĀ“s capability to coordinate the development and production in the mapping and surveying sector and to be able to produce, maintain and supply maps of national interest.

Development of NGD towards a self-supporting organization which will, at least partly, finance its operations by sale of its products by effective management training aiming to modernizing the administration and management of the NGD. The key issues are long and short term operational planning, budgeting and accounting, expenditure control, business development, marketing, organizational and personnel management and the development of a Quality Management System.

Capacity building of the production units including training programme and continuous on-the-job training during the large scale digital mapping of the Government’s priority area, Vientiane Plain. Class-room courses in the beginning of each production phase.

Production phases: Aerial photography in scale 1:15 000, GPS survey, precise levelling, aerial triangulation, stereo restitution, field verification, digital mapping in scale 1:5 000 and 1:10 000, establishment of a Quality Control System