Aerial Photography

Obtaining digital images and orthophotography, both in colour and in infrared, has a positive impact in various fields and themes such as knowledge of a country’s geography, updating the vegetation cover, land use at a local level, and forest cover and support to the processes of natural resource planning at different levels. Orthophotos are the most important tool for map production, land registration for the cadastral information.

FINNMAP’s experience in aerial photography and photogrammetry dates back half a century. The principles have remained the same during these years, but due to the rapid development of technology, equipment and methodologies have drastically improved enhancing the accuracy, resolution, adaptability, applications and the speed of post-processing and production. Today FINNMAP, with its network of partners, can quickly mobilize an aerial photography team anywhere in the world. Our operations have regularly taken us to four continents and dozens of different countries. Our expertise is in the ability to operate effectively worldwide.



  • Mapping
  • Forestry
  • Urban planning
  • Land-use
  • Infrastructure
  • Change detection

In field operations, FINNMAP has been a forerunner in utilizing the newest technology available to deliver high-quality data with maximum efficiency. Our planes, navigation systems, digital cameras and software are of highest standard. For the processing, FINNMAP has for long now invested in digital technology as well as in automated processing tools. The utilization of GNSS/IMU for navigation, centre point recording and highest quality plotters etc. guarantee that the resulting products match our tight quality criteria. Yet our biggest strength lies in our personnel. With decades’ worth of experience, we turn even the most challenging projects into successes.

FINNMAP is using Vexcel UltraCam digital cameras. This latest camera technology reduces the number of flight lines, saves time and lowers costs without sacrificing the quality of the product. High onboard storage capacity allows longer flights and taking full advantage of good flying conditions. The collection rate and geometric accuracy of the UltraCam cameras are an essential starting point in producing high quality orthophotos.

Orthophotos are geometrically rectified so that they are usable as maps. An orthophoto is a simulation of a photograph taken from an infinite distance, looking straight down to nadir. Orthophotos are commonly used in geographic information systems to create maps or to give additional information for a great variety of applications, such as planning and management of infrastructure, land registration and cadastre, disaster and hazard mapping, and population censuses.

Aerial orthophotos are ideal for those users looking for spatially accurate high-resolution information. Aerial photographs can also be utilized for digital terrain model and digital surface model creation. Modern automated terrain and surface extraction solutions provide highly precise models derived from aerial imagery. These solutions extend the usage of aerial photography data.

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