Land Administration

Land is a central resource in all societies. Land administration refers to the processes of determining, recording and disseminating information about the ownership, value and use of land and its associated resources. Sustainable and equitable land administration is a prerequisite for reducing poverty and promoting sustainable development.

Land administration systems provide a basic infrastructure for implementing land related policies and land management strategies to protect the security of land tenure, ensure social equity and stimulate economic growth and environmental protection. Securing land rights is particularly relevant to vulnerable groups such as the poor, women, displaced persons and ethnic or religious minority groups. Security of land is also vital for supporting reconstruction following a disaster or conflict. Land administration initiatives are thus closely linked to three of the eight United Nations’ development targets articulated in the Millennium Development Goals: eradicate extreme poverty and hunger (goal 1), promote gender equality and empower women (goal 3) and ensure environmental sustainability (goal 7).



  • Land registration, demarcation and adjudication
  • Land rights and public awareness raising
  • Land valuation and taxation
  • Cadastre and cadastral surveying
  • NSDI and GIS development
  • Geodetic surveys and networks
  • Evaluations, quality control, M&E
  • Institutional development, training and capacity building

FINNMAP has been working with overseas land administration projects since the late 1990s. Lately we have implemented land administration projects in Cambodia, Laos, Honduras, Macedonia, Palestine and Tajikistan. Our expertise is founded on a solid understanding of the advanced land administration system in Finland and enriched by our vast experience of related systems around the world.

FINNMAP´s strength is our ability to provide holistic, all-encompassing services. Our expertise covers everything from the capture of geographic data using digital aerial photography to Technical Assistance (TA) related to policy and legislative development, including wide-ranging reforms. We have developed a fast and cost-effective methodology for systematic parcel-by-parcel land registration and are experienced in conducting reviews and evaluations of land administration systems and policies. We also provide training and capacity building in the technical fields. Our activities, approaches and tools are each time tailored to the specific case. We always train local staff and experts and engage them directly in project implementation.

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