Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), or laser scanning, is an optical remote sensing technology that measures the distance to a target using pulses from a laser. LiDAR technology is the most efficient way of producing high accuracy 3D digital terrain and surface models for a wide range of applications. FINNMAP is known for carrying out successful laser scanning projects in challenging conditions all over the world.

LiDAR has become a leading technology for present day mapping missions for acquisition of airborne geospatial data. It provides a cost effective way to achieve high-accuracy results. LiDAR is a tool that makes more frequent updates possible for constantly changing areas. Improvements in technology and processing tools include better accuracy and feature extraction, which results in more effective updates in survey data. With these new solutions we can achieve greater accuracy of data over time through periodic updates, while retaining valuable database information.



  • Mapping
  • Forestry
  • Urban planning
  • Mining
  • Infrastructure
  • Transmission lines
  • Flood mapping
  • Oil, gas & energy
  • Change detection

FINNMAP is currently operating three LiDAR sensors. These new investments have strengthened and widened our operational capacity and survey method options in both domestic and international projects. We are constantly investing in the latest LiDAR technology and developing our LiDAR products and services to better serve the needs of our clients and to deliver a product of the highest quality. A digital aerial camera is integrated into the scanner system for simultaneous RGB or CIR aerial photography. FINNMAP is using Terrasolid software for LiDAR data processing.

Since we purchased our first sensor in 2007 we have delivered data for forest inventories, infrastructure planning, power line corridor mapping, flood management, hydropower planning, the mining industry etc. LiDAR technology makes data collection more efficient and faster. LiDAR is an efficient tool especially over large areas of inaccessible, featureless or densely covered terrain.

FINNMAP can operate its sensors with several different project concepts and designs on both fixed wing aircraft and helicopter platforms depending on data requirements, location and size of the project area. We offer a whole range of services from consulting on processing high-end data applications to LiDAR project planning and data acquisition in the most challenging conditions. The most convenient solution is that we hire our sensors and staff and assist in building a LiDAR data production line according to the needs of our customer.

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