Spatial Data and Consulting Services

FINNMAP’s spatial data services concentrate on variety of fields related to Geographical Information Systems (GIS) whereas the consulting specific services also cover the whole project cycle from project identification, preparation and appraisal, to implementation and evaluation. We also specialise in policy and legislative analysis, feasibility studies and strategic planning, and we regularly provide training and capacity building to government institutions and technical agencies.

Spatial data services are essential to all sectors utilizing spatial or geographical data in their administration, planning, research and implementation. The basis for spatial data operational systems and databases is often geographical data, acquired by aerial photography, remote sensing and laser scanning services by FINNMAP. There is a global need to harmonize various spatial datasets kept in numerous locations, formats and scales into National Spatial Data Infrastructures (NSDI´s). Currently, however, a number of different software and system solutions coexist, and typically a high level of technical expertise and human resources are required from the host and participating organisations to manage, update and harmonise the systems.



  • Land administration and management
  • Natural resource management
  • Climate change mitigation, mapping and management
  • Watershed and water resources modelling
  • Disaster management, preparedness and monitoring
  • Urban and rural planning
  • Project cycle management and review

FINNMAP has provided spatial data and consulting services for international land administration and urban planning projects since the early 1980s. During the recent years we have widened our expertise to include the development of integrated GIS solutions for a range of different uses. Today we provide all-inclusive spatial data services, from the production of databases and illustrative maps to the development of sophisticated systems and services, including procurement of satellite imagery, software systems and hardware. Key part of the services is training related to the use of various systems or applications of spatial data. Our services can be used to provide vital information for large number of applications and sectors.

FINNMAP´s strength lies in our solid technical expertise, wide global experience and dedicated personnel. The technical assistance we provide is rooted in years of practical experience and proven working methods, combined with the use of latest technological solutions and flexible approaches. We use both in-house staff and external experts, always people who share our commitment to quality and sustainability.

The fundamental aim with all our consulting work is to provide services that empower and respond to the needs and local challenges of our clients. Listening is a key part of our training and capacity building approach. Our method is always practical and hands-on, and our trainings deliver real skills applied to the clients’ local conditions. We use participatory training methods and ensure gender equality both in terms of participation and the training itself. We also provide services in project cycle management by combining our extensive experience and lessons learned of project implementation and understanding of intuitive project design.

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